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Citizen Participation in Horizon Europe

  • November 2018
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Horizon Europe - Ecsite one-pager

In November 2018, Ecsite released this one-pager document focusing on science engagement and citizen participation in Horizon Europe, European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

The one-pager states that to maintain its democracy and restrain the political polarization of its society, Europe needs to empower citizens to participate in the discussions and choices it faces when dealing with technological and societal challenges.

However, the EC Horizon Europe proposal relies on top-down communication where experts explain to citizens. Rather, a science engagement approach where scientist and citizens are equal should prevail through:

  • A distinct programme to enhance the relation between society and science, and pursue research on innovative practices on this evolving relation.
  • The implementation of science engagement throughout Horizon Europe with an articulated plan for each research project.

Read more about the science engagement and its benefits in the whole document attached below.

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