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Catan: Global Warming

  • April 2018
  • Education & learning
Catan game picture from gamesresearchnetwork.org

Catan® is a board game created and designed by Klaus Teuber and owned by Catan GmbH which allows players to experiment the life of settlers: After arriving in an unknown island, each participant has to lay the cornerstone of a new town and expand it while acquiring resources.

In 2018, Sam Illingworth and Paul Wake created and released an original scenario to add to the initial game a perspective about global warming. Designed by the Games Research Network (GRN) from the Manchester Metropolitan University, a whole kit is downloadable for free, including rules and tokens needed to play the game, design notes discussing the research behind the scenario and suggestions for using the scenario in an educational context.


  • Board game
  • Catan
  • global warming