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2018 Ecsite Annual Report

  • December 2018
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Cover of the 2018 Ecsite Annual Report

Our annual report offers readers a glimpse of Ecsite activities: our Conference and Directors Forum, our advocacy activities, the collaborative projects we take part in, our international actions and governance, etc.

The 2018 Ecsite Annual Report is called "Together" as a reference to Ecsite's advocacy campaign aiming at making science engagement count in the European Union’s (EU) upcoming research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe. As Ecsite President Herbert Münder writes in his introduction: "As I write these lines, Horizon Europe negotiations are still ongoing and we do not know yet if our efforts have paid. Regardless of the outcomes, I want to express our sincere gratitude to the Ecsite Board and FP9 Group, to our network’s members and to the dozens of individuals and organisations giving science engagement a voice on the European scene, together. Thank you."

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