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Your session in the #Ecsite2020 Programme

Session at #Ecsite2018, in Geneva, Switzerland. Credit @Ecsite/NHMGeneva

Until the end of Thursday 23 January you can edit your session page again: review its abstract, add speakers and convenors, change format and keywords etc.

Note that in order to make the programme easier to read we need to keep abstracts short: if you can, reduce your abstract to 900 characters including spaces. If your session's title contains the words "echoes" or "the future" we also recommend you to revise it unless these words are absolutely necessary: there are so many similar titles that most of them will have to be changed. Generally speaking we recommend simple, descriptive titles that clearly state what to expect from a session.

After this date the abstract will be “frozen” and:

  • For sessions accepted with conditions (see remarks in the automatic email you received), the Programme Committee will check if you have met its conditions and if your session can be fully accepted.
  • For all sessions: your abstract and title will be edited by the Ecsite Communications team in order to harmonise descriptions and ensure overall consistency.

All your sessions are listed in your profile.


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2020 Ecsite Conference

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ecsite Board decided that the 2020 Ecsite Conference would not take place. The 31st edition of the Conference was due to take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia and would have been hosted by the Kersnikova Institute.