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Your opinion on the future of nanotechnology

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Struggling to describe your perfect hairstyle?

With the nano-enabled tele-transmission flower, the hairdresser can access the exact image in your mind.

Would you go for it?

Tell us below!

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@Nano2all is running a series of weekly polls, asking their audience if they would use a certain nano-enabled object imagined by European citizens. During the NANO2ALL citizen dialogues hosted by Ecsite members (from April to June 2017), Several objects from the future were imagined and physically built by citizens as a point of entry into discussions around societal engagement on nanotechnology. Narratives built around the object, focussing on its function and impact in particular contexts, supported discussions of needs, concerns and values that could be taken on board for further discussions with multi-stakeholders.

Now you can let us know if you'd use these products (if regulated, of course) or if you have some concerns.

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Let your voice be heard!


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