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Winners of KiiCS award for art&science announced

EU-funded KiiCS project brought together scientists, artists, innovators and local stakeholders in art&science innovation incubators hosted in science centres around Europe. An award was attributed to the most promising ideas generated during the project. The winners were announced last Saturday (26 September) at the Discovery Festival in Amsterdam, in two categories: adults and young adults. These awards respectively go to “Lab Easy: DIY Biology for the Bio-Curious” – a new concept of lab designed to learn about life sciences “by doing” and developed as part of the arts&science activities run by Arts Catalyst (UK) ; and to “Slave for Love” – a device detecting whether you are in love or not by measuring the level of oxytocin in your body, developed as part of arts&science activities run by Kapelica Gallery (Slovenia). The Adult winners (Asa Callow and Rachael Turner from Mad Lab) will be offered free business mentoring support by the St. John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, whilst the Young Adult (Petja Skomina) will receive an iPad Mini. More in the attached press release.