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Will you contribute to the Conference's musical extravaganza?


Contact Inês, the Conference Experience Coordinator at Ecsite

Ecsite goes Eurovision

To close the first day of the Online Conference, we invite you to join us for a leap from science engagement into the world of musical immersion. To make our Ecsite goes Eurovision moment a reality, we need YOU!

We are inviting video submissions of musical performances to be showcased on the evening of 9 June as part of our 'Ecsite goes Eurovision' Gala event. We’ll have glamorous hosts, not-super-judgy expert commentators, and the all-important public voting, in which you’ll get to choose your winner.

The types of performance we’d like to showcase:

  • Pre-recorded live performances all the way through to karaoke classics
  • Individual artists - this is your moment to shine!
  • Museum bands, duets, trios, quartets etc
  • Original songs through to chart topping earworms

You can even keep it local - folk music and dance, or a Eurovision hit from your country

The 'Ecsite goes Eurovision' event is not limited to songs; instrumental pieces are also welcome, or even a talented lip sync! Some dance moves will add to the show. If you have a glittering stage set, we’d love to see it, but standing in your bathroom and singing into a hairbrush will do just fine too!

Tracks should be around 3 minutes in duration.

Lean into your country’s culture; or celebrate the magic of Eurovision!

Important Dates

Show us your interest to participate until 30 April by letting us know what your entry will entail - send an email to Ines at the Ecsite Office. We don't need to have the content by this date, just your willingness to join in and an overview of your moment in the spotlight.

Specifications and the deadline for sending pre-recorded videos will be communicated to all participating artists.

Note that depending on the volume of submissions, a pre-selection may be necessary.


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