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What role can the industry sector have in engaging young people in STEM?

Hypatia Project
Hypatia ProjectHypatia Project

On 30 June 2016, Ecsite hosted “Making your Business More Gender Inclusive: An Opportunity for Growth”, a workshop and industry breakfast organised in the context of the Hypatia project. The event gathered 64 top European industry representatives, European policy makers, researchers and museum professionals from 14 countries to discuss the role the industry sector has in engaging young people, and especially girls, in STEM-related careers.

The workshop presented five sessions in which participants had the chance to exchange views on the current research on gender in relation to building the next generation of the European workforce, retaining talent and discussing how having a more gender diverse sector is beneficial for organisations. Keynotes brought political, economic and theoretical discussions to the table, and built a case for diversity, not only on moral grounds, but on industries’ bottom line.

The event was moderated by Quentin Cooper, host of BBC Radio 4’s “Material World”. Speakers included Julie Ward, Member of the European Parliament; David McDonald, Philanthropy Director for Women in Science; L’Oréal Foundation, Ken Armistead, Director of Corporate Communications at PPG EMEA; and Donna Herdsman, Director at Hewlett Packard in the United Kingdom & Ireland Enterprise Service Business.

A summary of the sessions, pictures and more can be found on the event’s report below.



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