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What is the purpose of music?

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of music?

Music can move us like nothing else, but why does it have such a strong impact on us and why do we do music?

These are the questions that Science Centre AHHAA is going to ask to its audience during its second ERC=Science2 event that will take place on 11-15 April.

AHHAA is hosting a series of activities around the theme of music and sounds, thus launching the latest ERC=Science2 installment.

From 11-15 April, several workshops and shows will be held at AHHAA. The ERC=Science2 stand will be located in the lobby informing visitors about the project, next to which the workshops will take place from 11:00 to 17:30. There will be four different workshops where children can make working rudimentary instruments by using and learning about the physics of music.

Theatre shows relating to the theme of acoustics will also take place. They will offer simple explanations of natural phenomena, show how sounds are created, and how decibels and hertz work.

In addition, on 11 April at 18:00, a science café will be held at Naiiv (a culture club in Tartu) focusing on synthetic biology and other topics such as biohacking and genetic engineering. ERC grantee Mart Loog, professor of molecular systems biology, will talk about his aim to develop a toolbox of circuit elements that can be used in synthetic designer cells. This activity will emphasize informal interaction where public participation is more than welcome.

Stay tuned and visit the project's website for more information on similar events.