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What is open schooling?

Open learning and open schooling are broad terms which describe learning which is ‘open’ in terms of timing, location, teaching roles, instructional methods, modes of access, and any other factors related to learning processes. Most schools already do some level of open learning, through off site trips, on site visits and remote learning.

Finding a definition of what is open-schooling is therefore challenging. For Make it Open and for future projects within this domain, clarity needed to be grasped. Make it Open provided a starting point with the release of a recent report that accounts for the process of using Service Design methods to characterise the main features of open schooling and create a set of templates which can help any educator to structure an open schooling project or programme.

This report might be useful for any educators looking for innovative educational methodology and projects to implement:

  • Get a sense of the barriers to uptake of Open Schooling
  • Observe some of the service design methods used
  • Get familiar with what Make it Open has arrived at as the core characteristics of open schooling projects