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What November brings

Welcome to the World of Nano - SeeingNano Explanimation

November has brought falling temperatures and red leaves....And together with Autumn, November will bring to us the end of SeeingNano.

Our five science centres have done a great job that has ended with very successful final events to present the tools to more than 2.000 participants.

All the participants played with the novel visualisation tools the project has developed during its 2 year life. Games and apps were used during day long events devoted to the world of nano.

You did not have the chance to take part in any of these events? A bit lost in the nano world? This explanimation will give you some hints of the three main aspects of nanoscience that the SeeingNano project has explored in different educative tools: surfaces, self-organisation and emergent-divergent.

A wonderful ending for a great project.