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What do you want to read in Spokes next?

How can the Spokes magazine inspire and support you, dear science engagement professionals? What topics or questions would you want us to cover in the next few months? What issue do you feel you're missing a robust overview of? What sorts of case studies would fuel your own practice? What inspiring author would you like to read in your favourite professional magazine?

Next January the Spokes Editorial Committee will be meeting up to put together our yearly editorial schedule - have your say!

Hungry readers, submit article ideas through this simple form by 1 December 2019. We commit to reading them all and sending feedback about each one.

Not sure of what's already been covered in Spokes? Check out the Spokes collections, our thematic article bundles.

We're also running a call for potential authors who feel like contributing an article - see details here.

[The picture above is taken from an article in Spokes #50 that originated from a reader's suggestion; © NEMO Science Museum / DigiDaan]


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