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Welcome to the RRI Toolkit!

RRI. Towards an open science and innovation system that tackles societal challenges.

We are proud to announce that the RRI Toolkit is now ready to be used by all of you! Responsible Research and Innovation at your doorstep: browse through projects, tools, guidelines, cases, manuals, and many other useful resources. The Toolkit opens this new world of practical ways to address RRI in different contexts. If you are a communicator, an educator, a researcher, a museum explainer, you will always find something that fits your necessities. Don't feel shy or restricted to use the resources stemming from your sector, we invite you to take a look at the RRI resources developed for other fields - industry, business, innovation or policymaking. Get inspired!

This is the result of an adventurous journey, during which the partners and collaborators of RRI Tools project have been committed and engaged to sharing and tailoring each of these resources. The London Training organised recently by the University College London, gave us the practical skills to run inspirational workshops all around Europe. Stay connected to our social media. More than 50 Workshops will run this year, we will be present in European Conferences related to sciences and communication and a whole bunch of activities to encourage the use of this platform.

So, the invitation is to dive and explore the RRI Toolkit. It’s there and it’s yours!


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