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Watch the #Ecsite2021 wrap-up video

Watch the wrap-up video to find out more about #Ecsite2021

The 2021 Ecsite Online Conference took place on 9-11 June and was a three-day spectacular event, attracting over 1,200 participants from 58 countries, of which 42% were newcomers. Attendees were warmly welcomed by Conference hosts Brad Irwin and Dorothée Vatinel and were joined each day by a different keynote speaker: Ewine van Dishoeck, John Falk and Melati Wijsen. With 75 parallel sessions to choose from, covering important topics, participants could discover and learn with peers in a variety of different formats; from panel sessions to idea-jams, a digital campfire and even a House of Commons-style session.

There were plenty of opportunities to network, with the Café and Networking Carousel providing serendipitous encounters and a dedicated chance for Newcomers to connect and share ideas.

#Ecsite2021 also hosted the Business Buzz, an expo area with 20 different booths. Even the traditional Happy Hour made an appearance on the final day, where we were treated to workshop tours, dancing and even virtual snacks and drinks.

The Online Conference even brought with it lots of chances to have fun! The inaugural 'Ecsite goes Eurovision' event got the science engagement community talking (and singing), while the Not-so-Nocturne provided participants with a wealth of armchair activities and some more interactive sessions, from museum tours to DIY rockets and escape rooms!

On the final day, attendees were given a glimpse of #Ecsite2022, which will be an in-person festival and will be hosted by experimenta in Heilbronn, Germany from 2-4 June 2022.

Take a look at the video and we look forward to seeing you next June!


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