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A view from above - SySTEM 2020's first learners perspective

Young refugees fly drones over Lesvos

LATRA's Learners Perspective - A View from Above

We are proud to introduce the first Learners’ Perspectives: a series of articles/blogs/videos produced by young learners presenting their views and experiences on non-formal learning. The first part of this series is officially live and provided by LATRA where they provided a workshop teaching young refugees how to use drones to map terrains from above.

LATRA, is a local innovation lab in Greece, aiming to empower refugee children and youth through out-of-school STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education, aimed at enhancing their cultural citizenship and integration in Europe’s 4th industrial revolution. During the ‘STEM empowerment’ project developed by LATRA, unaccompanied refugee children and youth in Lesvos-Greece created a video documenting their day. As one of the refugees said: “For me, it’s a new experience [flying drones], I think it can be very good to teach someone else, so I want to be a good teacher”.

To access the full article head to SySTEM 2020's website here to learn more about this experience. Every month SySTEM 2020 will be producing these testimonials from young learners, demonstrating the effect non-formal learning can have on an individuals learning and personal growth.


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