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Valuable interactions with ERC-funded longevity research in Poland

The European Research Council (ERC) is supporting top scientists in their quest to unravel the processes involved in ageing and the factors that contribute to healthy, longer lives. The ERC = Science2 campaign seeks to highlight their achievements and success stories, and its latest stop was in Gdynia, Poland.

Over 1,300 visitors at EXPERYMENT Science Centre took part in a longevity-themed weekend (June 24-25) that brought ERC-funded research closer to the public through a series of interactive workshops on the relationship between ageing, the brain and the immune system.

An exciting Science Café enabled a lively discussion about the latest scientific advances in longevity research with ERC grantee Dr Marcin Nowotny, whose work at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw investigates how the body works at the level of individual atoms.

These meaningful encounters answered outstanding questions, provided food for thought regarding the participants’ own experience of ageing, and convinced them of the importance of supporting frontier research in this field.

The ScienceSquared longevity theme made its final stop in Poland this June, but the story of ERC cutting-edge research continues after the summer break with events that will bring to life a new scientific theme: sensory experiences. Tune in to www.sciencesquared.eu for news about the campaign.

To learn more about the ERC = Science2 campaign events in Poland, consult the press release available below.



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