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UNESCO: funds for women entrepreneurs

Circuit Board Paintings by Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga
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For its 9th IFCD (International Fund for Cultural Diversity) call for funding, UNESCO, in cooperation with Sabrina Ho (a rising young cultural entrepreneur and philanthropist), is looking for projects and initiatives corresponding to the problematic "U40 Empowered: Women entrepreneurs powering the digital creative industries".

More information here. Apply by 16 April.

About the IFCD:

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) is a multi-donor fund, established by the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005) to support its implementation in developing countries.

The IFCD invests in projects that lead to structural change through:

the introduction and/or elaboration of policies and strategies that have a direct effect on the creation, production, distribution of and access to a diversity of cultural expressions, including cultural goods, services and activities,
the reinforcement of corresponding institutional infrastructures, including professional capacities and organizational structures, deemed necessary to support viable local and regional cultural industries and markets in developing countries.

U40 Empowered is a special call to expand the IFCD’s actions to support young women entrepreneurs in the digital creative industries. This initiative is made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Sabrina Ho, a rising young cultural entrepreneur and philanthropist.

“U40 Empowered” represents a unique opportunity to increase young women’s opportunities to access funding, infrastructure, equipment and co-production opportunities in the digital creative industries. “U40 Empowered” will also support strategies that address the different needs, aspirations, capacities and contributions of women. Through support for such projects, “U40 Empowered” will unlock opportunities for young women entrepreneurs and realise their full potential in the digital creative industries.

“U40 Empowered” supports projects from national and international NGOs from developing countries that are Parties to the 2005 Convention.


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