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Travel to Ljubljana by train!

Do you want to travel to the Ecsite 2024 Conference in a sustainable way? Luckily, Ljubljana is accessible by train from various European countries in less than 24 hours and for prices ranging from 450€ down to 30€! Many railway companies offer great sleeper train services with various levels of comfort that also include food. You might be sharing couchettes with 3 or 4 other passengers but if you’re not the extrovert type when you travel you can always get a private cabin for yourself.

Depending on where you’re travelling from you might have to change trains up to 5 times. The trip can thus turn out to be a little a bit tiring but it’s also a lot of fun and you get to travel through a variety of stunning landscapes and stations! If you make sure to have enough time for each of your connections everything should go well. You can even book through companies that will organise the whole trip for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. And if you buy your tickets early you’ll be travelling sustainably and for roughly the same price as for plane tickets.

Hear from Marianne Achiam from the University of Copenhagen and Raphael Chanay from Universcience (both part of the programming committee) who have already traveled to Ljubljana by train from respectively Copenhagen and Paris.

Raphael travelled 20 hours from Paris through Switzerland, catching his second train in Zürich and getting to Ljubljana in the morning the next day. He travelled back home through Germany changing trains in Stuttgart. In the past he had also tried the Paris-Salzburg night train then changing to the Salzburg-Ljubljana day train which travels through the beautiful Austrian Alps.

Marianne had a bit of a longer distance to cover but it went just as well as for Raphael. She booked through togrejse.dk which planned her entire trip and arranged all of her connections for her. Leaving in the morning from Copenhagen she changed trains in Hamburg and then Munich. Late in the evening she then got her overnight train to Ljubljana (the same that had picked up Raphael in Zurich) where she slept in her private cabin and arrived with Raphael at their final destination.

They were both satisfied with the train accommodations and services and arrived in Ljubljana well rested.