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Top Tips - Raphael Chanay

This month, we were lucky enough to source some inspiration from Raphael Chanay - Head of Museological Projects at Universcience as well as Member of the Annual Conference Program Committee here at Ecsite.

Get your summer reads and music recommendations from his July and August Top Tips!

Listening toI inside the old year dying by PJ Harvey, inspired by her poetry and native Dorset in the UK

ReadingFlights by Olga Tokarczuk, a book that feels like a cabinet of curiosity on traveling and the human body. With my kids, Meanwhile back on Earth by Oliver Jeffers, a children book that manages somehow to bring together the exploration of the solar system and an selected history of human conflicts on Earth.

Following – The artist Refik Anadol and his recent works

Things keeping me up at night – The heat, just the heat…

Somewhere I’ve been recently – Malta!!! Surprisingly. I went there by night train and boat, an amazing experience of slow travelling through amazing cities and landscapes.

Somewhere I am planning to go – camping and hiking in the Triglav National Park in Slovenia. Not far from Ljubljana ;-)