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Top Tips - Maria João Fonseca

This month we find out what's keeping Maria João Fonseca, Director of the Hall of Biodiversity – Ciência Viva Center and Head of Communication of the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto, Ecsite board member and former programming committee member entertained.

Listening to – Bowie, always and on a loop, from The Deram Anthology to Outside, and well… Every other of his masterpieces.

Reading – I’ve just got back to The return of curiosity, by Nicholas Thomas.

Following – I recently started following the work of the Barcelona-based Art and Science Foundation Quo Artis. I am especially keen on how they have been exploring environment-related issues in their projects.

Things keeping me up at night – just last week, HBO’s The Last of Us. Yes, I fell under this spell, which comes as no surprise, as I do love nature-inspired science fiction. Yet, a particularly fascinating aspect of the series is arguably an issue that always gets me puzzled: the paradox of our human condition, and how we can be so loving and kind, while simultaneously quite violent and self-centred. I am sure we all agree the world needs more kindness, for nature, and ourselves in particular. And it’s nice when even entertainment products remind us of that.

Somewhere I’ve been recently – I’ve recently been to Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It’s always a positively wonderful experience visiting this museum. Just the architecture alone leaves us amazed. But now I had the chance to see their new permanent exhibition displays, which are terrific examples of how art can truly infuse science exhibitions.

Somewhere I’m planning to go – Malta, of course! I can’t wait for this year’s Ecsite conference. I don’t want to share any spoilers, but I can for sure anticipate that we are in for a great event, neatly put together with the dedication of the Esplora team, in what we can only describe as a most incredible setting.