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Top Tips - Emma Sanders

In the midst of unveiling the new CERN Science Gateway, Emma Sanders, Head of Exhibitions, stopped by to recommend us some music, books and travel destinations.

Listening to –

French radio programme Le Masque et la Plume, making lists of all the films I want to watch after CERN Science Gateway opens on 7th October!

Reading –

The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd which transports me to the Scottish Cairngorms, through sun, rain, wind and snow. It’s a beautiful, slow, poetic appreciation of the natural world.

Following –

Prof Amanda Kirby, neurodiversity campaigner. The latest edition of her Neurodiversity 101 newsletter gives insight on how to avoid ND bias when hiring and in the workplace. Diverse teams are an extraordinary asset. Moreover, working at such a huge international collaboration as CERN, almost every member of the exhibitions team here has a different nationality!

Things keeping me up at night –

Well I think you can imagine quite easily the answer to this one. Despite best intentions, when you are a couple of weeks away from opening a new centre, it can be difficult to keep your head away from the todo lists. Of course we need to strive for a good work-life balance, but we also shouldn’t beat ourselves up when there are moments we find it impossible.

Somewhere I’ve been recently –

The yoga studio

Somewhere I’m planning to go –

Musée Poincaré in Paris

Thank you to Emma Sanders from CERN for sharing what's been inspiring her lately. If you're interested in visiting the CERN Science Gateway, click this link.