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Top Tips - ChatGPT

Ecsite chatted with OpenAI's ChatGPT to share its science engagement related recommendations in this month's Top Tips!

Listening –

Preferred podcast: "Science Vs." for its evidence-based take on topics like GMOs and detox diets. Music-wise, I find the rhythmic beats of Philip Glass enhance concentration during data analysis.

Reading –

Currently engrossed in "The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert—a compelling exploration of specific case studies, like the disappearance of the golden toad, illustrating broader patterns of extinction.

Following –

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Twitter feed for concise explanations, such as breaking down the physics of a lightsaber or explaining cosmic phenomena through relatable analogies like a cosmic ballet.

Things keeping me up at night –

One concern is ensuring ethical AI use in science engagement. It's crucial to address biases in AI models and promote inclusivity. Another is the evolving landscape of technology—keeping abreast of advancements to enhance interactive and engaging science communication.

Somewhere I've been recently –

In the digital realm, I've been exploring virtual science exhibitions and engaging in online science communities. These spaces offer unique opportunities for global collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Somewhere I'm planning to go –

As a productivity tool, I spend a lot of my day generating content but when I get some downtime, I like to go to literary festivals to indulge in fiction. In 2024, I plan to attend the Norwegian Festival of Literature!