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Top Tips - Axel Hüttinger

Ecsite spoke to Axel of Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions to find out what has been capturing his interest this past month!

Listening –

I hate myself for having to admit it, but I love this state radio channel “Bayern 1”, which plays the songs of my youth from the 80s all day long...

Reading –

My daughter Frieda dragged me to the Christopher Nolan film “Oppenheimer” on the day of the premiere, which gave me the opportunity to re-read the book “Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens: Frank Oppenheimer and the world he made up” by K. C. Cole. Incredibly good.

Following –

Very, very unspectacular: the LinkedIn posts...

Things keeping me up at night –

I'm sleeping very well at the moment, but just a year ago, even at the end of the pandemic, I was often lying awake and really worried that we would never get back to a tolerable normality. Like I said, thank God that's over.

Somewhere I’ve been recently –

Shortly before the outbreak of war in Israel, I had a few appointments in this country with customers who are very friendly to us. It breaks my heart to see how fatefully fragile our lives can be. From one day to the next everything collapses. Carpe diem!

Somewhere I’m planning to go –

My parents invited me and my wife to the opera “Hoffmanns Erzählungen” by Jacques Offenbach in Venice in the Gran Teatro La Fenice in November, and I couldn't say no...