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Time to say goodbye to ERC=Science²

This is it, after 36 months of exciting and intriguing project activities the ERC=Science2 campaign has come to an end. Now comes the time to reflect on the project's results and achievements.

Throughout the project's life, a total number of approximately 66 341 people were reached by the ERC=Science2 project during the 20 events that were organised by the 10 associated project partners and Ecsite members involved in the project. The live-science experiences, debates, theatre shows, music performances, and hands-on workshops used to convey the content of the 6 scientific themes developed throughout the project brought together a very large audience of all ages throughout Europe. Participants from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, and Spain had the opportunity to attend an ERC=Science2 event in their country, while participants from Belgium, China, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Sweden also took part in some of the project activities facilitated by the science museums that organised an ERC=Science2 event.

The project events created under A Science experience with museums and coordinated by Ecsite, were therefore successful in raising the general public’s interest in the latest cutting-edge research led by ERC grantees while they gave the opportunity to ERC researchers to present their research in other settings and in closer contact to the public. They also raised people's awareness of the European Research Council and made pupils, students, teachers, researchers, science journalists and the general public eager to learn more about the ERC-funded research and to participate in similar activities in the future.

For more information about the project, its events, and the content of the 6 scientific themes you can visit the ERC=Science2 website.