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Themed online members drop-in sessions

On 24 March Ecsite held an online session for members on the topic of ‘motivating your team’, resulting in some fascinating discourse. Working as a collaborative network, Ecsite members are now invited to join two more work-from-home online drop-in sessions to discuss the following participant-chosen topics in an open, peer-to-peer way:

Tuesday, 31 March, 15.00 (CEST): ‘How to communicate to our audiences about the coronavirus’. Ecsite Board member Bruno Maquart will bring to the mix examples from Universcience and you are welcome to share your ideas too.

Tuesday, 7 April, 15.00 (CEST): ‘The digital role of science engagement organisations’. Board member Stephane Berghmans will share examples from Technopolis.

All sessions will take place on Zoom and facilitated by Ecsite Director Catherine Franche. Check your inboxes for links to join.

For those Ecsite members not able to join our online Zoom sessions, we also have a LinkedIn forum which can be accessed 24/7 and is a place to share experience and useful resources related to Covid-19 and the way it has impacted us all.


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