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Starting your open-schooling journey

The European-funded project Schools as Living Labs aims to transform schools into agent of the community wellbeing and to empower students so that they start thinking of themselves as change-makers. After one year of piloting activities in European schools, the project recently published the 1st version of its Roadmap for teachers: a hands-on manual helping teachers and educators in the planning and implementation of open-schooling projects in (but mostly outside) the classroom.

The pedagogical approach used by Schools As Living Labs is based on the Living Lab approach, generally defined as a user-centred, iterative, open-innovation ecosystem, often operating in a territorial context. Therefore, within the SALL methodology, students are active participants, more than passive learners, and tackle real problems with innovative solutions and collaboration. Those real problems must engage student’s and educator’s social environment and motivate them to work closely with other societal actors.

The conditions that make a project a SALL project are not so many:

  • Work on a real problem to find a real solution
  • Allow everyone to actively participate
  • Prototype and evaluate on the fly!

This roadmap is made to be used and tested: download it, try the 4-steps process, start your open-schooling journey and let us know what you think.
And don't hesitate to reach out and join an international community of teachers driven by the same values!