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Spokes shortlisted for Award

Spokes is finalist! European Association Awards 2017

Ecsite's magazine is shortlisted for the European Association Awards 2017, in the "Best Association Magazine or Publication" category. The winner will be known on 24 February 2017.

"This is great news for Ecsite, a rewarding compliment for the Spokes Editorial Committee – and a tribute to you, dear readers", declared Maarten Okkersen, Head of Communication and Marketing at Museon (The Hague, Netherlands) and Chair of the Spokes Editorial Committee.

This is the executive summary of our Awards application:

"Born from a strategic turn taken by Ecsite in widening its membership and setting itself an ambitious society-wide mission, Spokes has become a powerful agent to raise science engagement organisations’ profile as actors of social change, advancing Ecsite’s vision to foster creativity and critical thinking in European society, emboldening citizens to engage with science.

The decision to make high quality contents freely available to all online, combined with a bold editorial line and elegant design, has made our new publication a must-read on the European science communication scene - in 18 months’ time.

Moreover, we elegantly reconciled the ambition to reach the widest possible audience with the imperative of providing exclusive member benefits by distilling the best of freely accessible online contents into a members-only annual paper volume, Spokes Panorama.

Spokes demonstrates that small associations can strategically leverage limited funds into innovative communications solutions, harnessing our greatest asset as networks and federations: the collective expertise and inspiring personal stories of passionate professionals."

Now... cross your fingers!


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