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Spokes looking for case studies

The Editorial Committee is regularly asked for a list of upcoming topics. Here's how we work. 

How we put together the editorial schedule

We meet once a year, in January, to plan the editorial year ahead. In that meeting, we look at article proposals we received, but also at trends and ideas we feel should be covered in Spokes, even if we don't have authors yet. 

This schedule forms the backbone of Spokes - of course we sometimes look for new pieces during the year if we have new must-cover topics or cancellations from authors. 

How you can contribute

Contributions to Spokes can take roughly four different forms:

  • In-Depth articles: these are features between 2,000 and 4,000 words long. They address a question in science engagement, providing examples and case studies from different countries and organisations, and usually relaying different opinions / perspectives on the question. In-Depth articles cannot be based on one case study or organisation only. The Spokes Editorial Committee reviews proposed article abstracts (usually before they get written). Once an abstract is accepted, the Editorial Committee liaises with the author(s) throughout the writing process and and comments on the piece until it’s judged ok for publication. You can see examples here or here.
  • Lookouts series of interviews: in this format, Spokes interviews a series of professionals who each give their point of view / recommendation on a specific issue. Ideas are often suggested by readers or future interviewees, but the Committee decides on the angle. You can see examples here and here.
  • New - targeted case studies: we're offering a list of topics below which will be covered in the next issues. We already have authors for these pieces, but they'd love to get your case study! Get in touch with them. Each author has the final word on which case studies go into her or his publication. 
  • Relayed members news: Ecsite members can publish news directly on the Ecsite website, in the “Members share” section. Spokes features a selection of these news each month. You will find everything you need to know about publishing a news here. Members news can be published any time. We just ask members not to be too aggressively commercial if they promote exhibitions or services (and this is very well respected). 

More: download our little guide.

Case studies wanted

  • Silver economy and late-life engagement in science centres and museums. September issue - get in touch with Wiktor Gajewski
  • Shops and restaurants at our venues. September issue - get in touch with Julie Becker
  • Tips on innovative session formats for #Ecsite2017. September issue - get in touch with Andrea Bandelli
  • Cultural variations on face to face interactions. No date yet - get in touch with Julie Becker
  • Storytelling. No date yet - get in touch with Raquel da Cunha



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