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Spokes in 2022 and 2023: are you the next author?

Spokes magazine brings in-depth articles and professional perspectives on a wide range of topics to the science engagement community. Despite the challenges we are all facing, there is lots to talk about and discuss with the community. In Spokes' new quarterly format, 2021 has covered topics from AI and immersion to equity and change-makers.

Are you sitting on a body of knowledge or experience that you would feel ready to share and contribute? Is now the time to challenge your peers? Are you a small group of practitioners and/or researchers who'd like to contribute a case study?

In February, the committee will be meeting in Paris to put together our yearly editorial schedule for the second half of 2022 and beginning of 2023 - now is the right time to submit a short pitch about your idea by filling in this simple form by Sunday 13 February 2022. We want topics to be bold, even controversial, that make the community stop, think, and take action. We also want to feature more input from those outside our field. We commit to reading all ideas and sending feedback about each one after the meeting has taken place.

Questions? Email Helen Wilks, Spokes editor: hwilks@ecsite.eu



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