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Spokes in 2021: Could you be the next author?

Spokes magazine brings in-depth articles and professional perspectives on a wide range of topics to the science engagement community. 2020 has been no different, despite the challenges we are all facing and tackling together as a community. This year already has covered topics from social justice and equity, to misinformation, to adult-only events in museums. Is it finally time for you to write an article to share with your peers?

Are you sitting on a body of knowledge or experience that you would feel ready to share and contribute? Is now the time to challenge your peers? Are you a small group of practitioners and/or researchers who'd like to contribute a case study?

In September, the committee will be meeting up to put together our yearly editorial schedule for 2021 - now is the right time to submit a short pitch about your idea by filling in this simple form by 31 August 2020. We commit to reading all ideas and sending feedback about each one.



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