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The spirit of true collaboration: start practicing it through applying RRI!


This year’s Ecsite Annual Conference is all about collaboration. And there couldn’t be a better theme to talk about the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Involvement of visitors in research, citizen science, public engagement and more – many sessions tackle different aspects of RRI, some are labeled as RRI and some are not, but all are united in one aim – bringing science and society closer to each other. During the conference, you will get plenty of opportunities to get to know more about RRI, how you will benefit from it, and finally, get practical and learn how to develop activities in an RRI-oriented way.

Check out the pre-conference workshop organised by the team of the RRI Tools project. This training is designed for professionals who are interested in leading their organisations into RRI practice, and will be particularly useful to those working in science communication/education, contributing to improve their interactions with researchers, policymakers, business and civil society.

On Thursday 9 June participants of the session on Responsible Public Engagement will look closer how RRI changing science engagement, which opportunities it brings and what are the challenges.

Finally, find out more about practical experiences with Responsible Research and Innovation during the session on Friday 10 June. In this session representatives of four of EU-funded projects (RRI Tools, IRRESISTIBLE, NUCLEUS and SPARKS) will present their approaches and share their experiences.

If you are interested in more RRI-related events in your country organised in a local language, RRI Tools Project will be conducting Training Workshops on RRI and the RRI Toolkit during 2016. These workshops will be organized by the 19 RRI Tools Hubs, which cover 30 countries of the European Research Area. Just check out the RRI Tools project website.


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