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Sparks fly during tour 5

“Beyond the Lab”, the Sparks travelling exhibition, has made itself at home in 4 new countries during its fifth tour of the continent and is bringing the DIY science revolution to new audiences!

Its stories of how ordinary people are harnessing science to tackle public health challenges go hand in hand with opportunities for Sparks' visitors to engage with science in novel ways. Here's what Sparks has in store for the upcoming weeks:

  • Challenge yourself to a Science Espresso "marathon" at Technopolis, Belgium.
  • Read about the green question motivating citizens to take action for health in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Meet local scientists at Esplora, Malta thanks to an exciting schedule of Science Espressos.

We've also got exciting news from our Polish partners, Copernicus Science Centre: following the success of its first Sparks health hackathon, a second edition is in the making!

If you happen to be in Budapest, Cēsis, Kalkara, or Mechelen, don't miss the opportunity to visit #BeyondTheLab and sample the engaging science activities on offer this summer!


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