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spaceEU trains Teacher Ambassadors

Teachers and trainers at the "Space exploration in education" spaceEU Summer School pose for a group picture in Marathon, Greece.
Creating solar eclipses with flower petals and seaweed as an example of eco-creativity. spaceEU Summer School 2019, Marathon, Greece.Teachers work together at the spaceEU Summer School 2019, Marathon, Greece.

spaceEU kicked-off an inspirational one-and-a-half year programme of space outreach and educational activities with an event dedicated to teachers’ professional development. The spaceEU ‘Space exploration in education’ Summer School 2019 organised by Ellinogermaniki Agogi took place between 30 June and 5 July in Marathon, Greece, and brought together a group of 10 teachers from all over Europe.

The summer school offered participating teachers a chance to reflect on existing practices and the future of education, including through hands-on explorations of new approaches and tools to stimulate creativity and inspire such as teaching astronomy through eco-creativity, developing classroom exhibitions and using Virtual Reality (VR) software, Go-Lab, 3D printing and coding with students. Activities proposed also zoomed in on particular missions such as Apollo, Copernicus, Galileo and Juno or the science aboard the International Space Station.

Participating teachers were selected by each of the 10 spaceEU engagement nodes – which include 6 Ecsite members – from their teacher networks. They will act as Teacher Ambassadors taking the spaceEU cause further in their community: sharing experiences with fellow teachers in future professional development workshops and trying out with their classrooms project activities and formats such as the spaceEU exhibition or the ‘Space in the Classroom’ initiative.

Tune in to the project channels to follow their spaceEU journey: Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.The spaceEU website is also coming soon!