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Societal engagement practices on nanotechnology, in practice!

Dialogforum Nano at BASF. Photo courtesy of BASF.

NANO2ALL is seeking to capture insights from recent and inspiring practices of societal engagement on nanotechnology. The project is training its lens on interactions that have the purpose to align research, development and innovation with the values, expectations and needs of the society.

And it’s a wide-angle lens: NANO2ALL is looking at societal engagement practices which involved various different stakeholders, used various formats – from brainstorming sessions, scenario workshops, user committees, online forums, dialogues to informal and formal meetings – and happened in a variety of settings – from private companies to research centres and science engagement institutions.

The first report, available below, provides insights into the Dialogforum Nano which comprised a series of face-to-face dialogue sessions on nanotechnology, initiated by the chemical company BASF. Delve right in and stayed tuned to the NANO2ALL “Resources” page for even more recent and inspiring practices!

Do you have an engagement practice related to society’s involvement with nanotechnology that you’d like to share? Get in touch with us.



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