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Smelly-vision: Re-imagining the movie experience with 9D-TV

In the entertainment industry today, 3D cinema and 4DX theatres are part of the latest revolutions that improve our interaction with technology while watching movies. But what would you think about taking this sensory perception one step further and having a 9D-TV experience instead?

A 9D-TV would enable you to be truly immersed in your favourite movies as not only your vision and hearing but all of your other senses as well (smell, touch, and the five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami) would be stimulated during the movie.

ERC grantee Marianna Obrist says 9D-TV is on the horizon as she is redefining the movie and video game experiences by leading a multi-sensory research at the Sussex Computer Human Interaction Lab (SCHI). Her research aims at bringing the spectator into movie scenes in a totally new immersive way.

Obrist's research is part of the ERC=Science2 project which currently focuses on sensory experience.

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