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Siscode's MOOC is around the corner

It’s about time to get into serious matters, because if you have followed this project over time, you will know that for the past 2 and a half years, SISCODE has been experimenting with the concept of co-creation and focused on its application in policymaking practice. As we are slowly approaching the end of our project, we felt like it was time to pause and have a look at the journey we’ve accomplished. And what a ride it has been. 

Our different activities have provided us with a valuable understanding of the theory and practical application of design methodologies in policymaking and how they can support its much-needed innovation.

The different outcomes of our extensive analysis of the co-creation landscape, and the experience accumulated by our co-creation labs, are already available to all on our website and our SISCODE Learning Hub. We encourage you to visit it. 


Finally, for the past months, our team has been busy designing a format that will capture and relay our reflection on this subject, and that will last beyond the lifetime of SISCODE.

We are very, very excited to announce the upcoming launch of our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): “Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course”.

This elementary course will be beneficial to anyone interested in the use of co-creation methods, with a particular focus on policymaking.

Several renowned specialists, with expertise ranging from design thinking to participatory methods, joined us in this project and will share their knowledge and experience with participants.

The starting date for this interesting course is set for March 2021 The MOOC will be composed of 5 chapters delivered in 5 weeks and best of all, it is FREE

What will participants learn? 

  • They will hear about the limitations of current policy-making practices and the strong need for innovation if we are to make its practice more efficient.

  •  introduce the opportunities that lie in using user-centred methods and service design and the potential they have in improving policy-making practices.

  • Participants will be introduced to problem framing and the role of different stakeholders, as well as the power dynamics emerging from involving them, at this initial and crucial step of the process.

  • A special focus will be made on prototyping and new forms of action for policymakers to support interactions in the innovation process.

  • Finally, participants will be familiarised with the process that turns prototypes into actual, sustainable solutions as well as the evaluation and assessment methodologies that need to back them.

Registration is not open yet, but you can already subscribe to be among the first informed:

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