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Share your perspectives on science communication across the globe

Over the coming months, GlobalSCAPE will investigate the challenges and experiences of science communicators. Our goal is to get a detailed picture of how science is communicated, not only in Europe but also in non-western countries and in regions where taking stock of science communication is particularly difficult. More information can be found on the GlobalSCAPE website.

To do so, we are inviting science communicators from all over the world to take part in our global survey to share their perception of their practices and their experience. The survey is now open to English speaking science communicators and more languages will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

These insights will help us promote collaboration and support synergies between practitioners from around the world as well as get a better understanding of the global situation.

They will lead to the development of a module for higher education of science communication in a global context. The outcomes of our analysis will also guide us in the publication of a set of recommendations on how worldwide science communication practices, approaches and strategies can have a role to play in the policymaking process.

Do you want to get involved in this unique global investigation? More information here!


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