Serious game to discuss serious nanotech

'Scenario Exploration System' (SES) - a future simulation tool developed by JRC

NANO2ALL aims at establishing a European-wide sustainable platform for mutual learning and informed dialogue among all stakeholders to improve transparency and societal engagement in responsible nanotechnology. More about the project here.

The project will use a new approach - the 'Scenario Exploration System' (SES) - a future simulation tool developed by JRC. NANO2ALL will adapt this serious scenario-building game to nanotechnologies, letting participants to try out the roles of other stakeholders. Taking the roles of others help us better comprehend the perspectives that others may have about certain issues, in this case about nanotechnologies. These perspectives, concerns and expectations will be mapped through this game.

NANO2ALL partners are now developing this methodology, and will also implement citizen dialogues in 6 European countries in 2017 to enrich the application scenarios and techno-moral vignettes to be explored through the game in a multi-stakeholder setting.

If you want to learn more about this game or contact us with suggestions/concerns, please feel free to do so! Tune in to our website, facebook and twitter channels


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