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Send postcards to Stavanger

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Dear network,

The Ecsite 2021 Conference is scheduled to take place next year in Stavanger, Norway, in collaboration with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum and the Jaermuseet.

Since this year we couldn't get together in Ljubljana as we had planned, we want to plan something extra special for next year when we will hopefully be able to meet physically in the same space again. Our Norwegian partners have initiated this fantastic little project to collect postcards from our network all over the globe. They will be combined and displayed on a wall in June next year, so that you can read your own and all your epistolary-minded colleagues' postcards when you arrive in Stavanger for #Ecsite2021.

What should you write?

You may write whatever takes your fancy - after all, this is your personal little time capsule! What would your future self want to read? Perhaps what your hopes and expectations are for the year ahead? Your predictions for how your life and your organisation will change and develop post-pandemic? It might be fun to read how wrong or how right you were, or just a few words of encouragement. So get creative and send your personal message in the form of a postcard to:

PO Box 748
4001 Stavanger

We look forward to reading them with you!

Your Ecsite team


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