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Seeing Nano tools have been tested by more than 500 people so far!

Seeing Nano pilot at Techmania, Pilsen, Czech Republic

During the past three months, five science centres members of Ecsite have been testing the novel visualization tools that the consortium has developed during the first 12 months of the project: Techmania Science Center (Czeck Republic), Pavilion of Knowledge (Pavilhão do Conhecimento) - Ciência Viva (Portugal) , Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia 'Leonardo da Vinci' (Italy), Ustanova Hisa eksperimentov - The House of Experiments (Slovenia) and Museos Científicos Coruñeses (Spain). More than 500 participants including pensioners, teenagers, journalists and adults have had the chance to test three tools:

  • A nano profiler to help you find out which tipe of nano you are. Nano supporter? Nano curious? Nano native? Nano cautious? or you are simply nano sceptic?
  • A memory game to help you understand and look better at the nanoscale, and to combine this nanoscale with products made by these nanoparticles.
  • Finally, they also had the chance to test a brand new app.

The games and the app are available on the website of the project, under the resources sections. Check them out!

We are now in the process of analyzing the questionaires and reports that the science centres have gathered along the process. However the first results seem to point out that each target group has a favourite game. Teenagers are more curious about the app, whereas retirees seem to be more interested in the games. But these are just preliminary results, we'll have the final results very soon.

It is now time for the team to improve the tools with the outcomes of the participants' evaluation as well as the reflections of the facilitators.