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ScienceSquared project poised to succeed

The consortium partners of the recently launched ScienceSquared project met in Brussels between October 15th and 16th to hash out the specifics of the project designed to promote and raise awareness about the research funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

While the first day was dedicated primarily to the financial and administrative responsibilities, the second day saw an interesting interaction between the consortium members and a representation of ERC. One of the key observations was the importance of the ScienceSquared project in the context of promotion of ERC-funded research. The institution itself considers this project as one of the flagships in terms of expected impacts. Having an opportunity to discuss the content of the project directly with its commissioner enabled the partners to gain understanding of the project’s background as well as expectations. Moreover, ERC delegation expressed a strong interest in continuous, active cooperation with the consortium during the project’s implementation. Along the same vein, the project consortium was encouraged by ERC to turn to them in case any additional support is needed – a move which clearly indicated ERC’s intentions not to be a mere spectator but rather to become actively involved in the project’s realization.

All in all, the kick-off meeting created an atmosphere of excitement, dedication and enthusiasm all of which will be soon embodied in visual identity and a website of the project. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


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