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ScienceSquared campaign - Frontier research

Did you know that there has been a lot of frontier research in Europe thanks to the European Research Council (ERC)? "How does this frontier research affect my daily live?", you ask? Well, do you live in a European city? Have you ever wondered how can we tackle the existing urban issues? Or how is urban life going to look like in 30-40 years? If the answer is yes, then you might want to check all about the Human City, which is the first of the 6 scientific themes, the ScienceSquared campaign will focus on. This 3+ year campaign was launched on 16 February and will point out and promote the blue-sky research that has been going on in Europe for a several years now. 

You will find not only multimedia and interactive material but also profiles of ERC grantees working on a wide variety of fields ranging from civil engineering to computer technology in order to make our cities smarter. It feels like it's high time to do so because, presently, many of our cities seem rather dumb! They all suffer from the same problems, ranging from huge traffic jams, poor air quality and noise to shrinking green space. But this is exactly what the frontier ERC research seeks to solve by funding the cutting edge science and innovation! However, this is just one theme that we are going to explore. In reality, ERC funds much more research as long as it stands at the forefront and fits under one of the broad scientific domains of Physical Sciences & Engineering, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences & Humanities. 

Over the course of the next 3+ years, Ecsite will, together with the project coordinator Science I Business, six other project partners and 9 third parties from Ecsite's network, manage this campaign and promote not only ERC and its research but also scientific curiosity, the joy of understanding, discovery and eveything else that goes with the modern science and scientific inquiry. 

Much more is coming - make sure you keep in touch with the campaign on FacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn.   


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