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Science marches on!

March for Science Banner 2018

After having gathered more than one million participants in the world last year, the #marchforscience will happen again on 14 April. This event "empowers a global community of science supporters for nonpartisan advocacy in service of equitable and effective science and science policy".

Already more than 175 satellite events are announced all around the world. Check here if you want to find your local march.

Join your local March for Science on 14 April 2018, more information here.

See here why Ecsite is inviting science professionals to take part in this event.

More about the March – goals

This is a summary of the March for Science website’s sections on goals.

  • Amplify the Role of Science in Policy

Promoting evidence-based policies is at the heart of our mission. How do we achieve this? By giving our supporters the resources they need to advocate for science policy and connect with their elected officials at all levels, from school boards to the presidency.

Our letter writing campaigns, phone scripts, and “How to Advocate Guide” make it easier for our supporters to advocate for science-based policies at various levels— within schools, local government and at the national level.

  • Empower Public Engagement with Science

Breaking down barriers between scientists and their communities is key to the March for Science’s success. Through outreach programs, we connect scientists to their communities, encouraging an open and respectful dialogue about science and its impact on policy and society.

  • Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Scientific Community

Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in science are critical for science to serve all communities. We must protect the rights of every person to engage with, learn from, and help shape science. We embed these values into our organization and all March for Science programs and initiatives. We hold the scientific community accountable for ensuring that science is diverse, inclusive, and accessible to all.

  • Build a Global Community of Science Advocates

We break down barriers between scientists and non-scientists. We are building a unique, cross-sector global network with the capacity to connect communities, coordinate advocacy, and create programs to bridge this gap.


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