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Science engagement mourns great advocate

José Mariano Gago

José Mariano Gago was a founder of the Portuguese Ciência Viva network and an active contributor to Ecsite over the years. He died in Lisbon on 17 April.

Ecsite sends thoughts to his friends and family. Research organisation and science centres around Portugal observed 5 minutes of remembrance today and tributes are being gathered at www.marianogago.org.

Rosalia Viva, Ecsite President and President of Ciência, decided to share these words he spoke at the Ciência Viva Forum in 1997 as a tribute:

"Without thinking, without structured dialogue on the why of things, without controversy, without enigma, without real exprimentation, no science or science education is possible. Building up basic scientific culture is a challenge that the Ciência Viva programme embraced for all and today it offers debate and contributes to the improvement of citizenship."


  • José Mariano Gago