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Science Center World Summit 2020

Theme and tracks

The Conference theme is 'Towards an Equitable Future' and it will be organised around three main tracks that summarise some of the most urgent topics today:

Future of Education and Work

The powerful impact of a rapidly changing landscape of technological advancements challenges the skills-set required by the global workforce and the currently held views about schools and learning, exacerbating inequalities. At the same time these new technologies offer the opportunity to change our thinking about learning environments and suggest a new set of behavioral competencies, areas where the expertise of science centres around the globe and informal learning will be critical to equitable access.

Future of Biodiversity and Climate Change

Our planet’s biodiversity relies on healthy ecosystems, now increasingly under the strain of climate change worldwide, and as these invisible relationships are better understood the connections to issues of equality are more and more clear. Science engagement offers an opportunity for people to modify their behaviors and to better understand the ecosystems services that are at risk.

Future of Health and Wellbeing

A sustainable and equitable future depends on the good health and wellbeing of the world’s rapidly growing population – a future heavily impacted by the interconnected effects of conflict, displacement, poverty and global pandemics. Advancements and the high costs of breakthroughs highlight increasing issues of uneven distribution and bring new questions about ethics, security and culture, places where science engagement has the potential to inform and support community context.

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