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Scholarship for SCICOMM Master, Trento

SCICOMM master logo, University of Treno

FBK - the Bruno Kessler Foundation is offering a scholarship covering the fees of the Master SCICOMM Communication of Science and Innovation at University of Trento, Italy.

It is a full scholarship of 2750 euros. The deadline for application is 29 April.

For more information, visit their website at www.scicomm.net or contact them at scicomm@unitn.it

What is SCICOMM?

SCICOMM Communication of Science and Innovation is a one-year programme, in English, for students who would like to:

• Develop skills to play a key role in communication and public engagement strategies in research organisations, in innovation-oriented work environments, in the area of science culture and research policy

• Be at the forefront of the newest trends and approaches in the communication of science and innovation

• Understand key models and concepts in the field of science communication

• Develop a critical understanding of the potential and limits of contemporary media in shaping the public discourse about science

• Develop skills to critically evaluate the quality of communication strategies, both in relation to organisational aims and audiences’ expectations

• Be able to connect the everyday practice of science and innovation communication with state of the art research about science and technology in society


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