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RRI self-reflection? Why not? What is it exactly?


It might sound weird, but it´s not. RRI Tools Project, with the team from the ZSI, The Social Innovation Centre from Vienna, Austria, are currently working on the last details of the self-reflection tool. What? Yes, a practical set of key questions that will be useful for each of us who are interested in RRI. Because there are many ways we can get aware of how far are we incorporating the values and ways of doing research in a responsible and innovative way. And this self-reflection tool will pose the questions that will trigger on each of us the useful ways of viewing what we do, answers and thoughts on how we are putting into practice the new scopes we want to promote. It´s an invitation to discuss, talk, exchange ideas and of course, meditate on our own practices.

The self-reflection tool will be lauch together with the RRI Toolkit during the month of January and a it will be part of the training that the project is organizing in London, for the month of February.

Stay tuned!



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