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Road-STEAMer is looking for a graphic and web designer

Ecsite is looking for a designer to develop the visual identity, communication tools and website for the EU-funded project Road-STEAMer.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) roadmap for science education in Horizon Europe.

Please apply with a single document including:

  • Your proposal (brief description)
  • Project timeline with major tasks and milestones (to assess the process)
  • Project budget by line item (to assess the process)
  • Portfolio indicating examples of similarly-complex projects (to assess the technical capability)

Only completed proposals will be assessed.

The contract will be awarded against the following criteria:

  • Price efficiency and effectiveness
  • Demonstrated track record of working with similar projects and/or formats
  • Excellent understanding and creative interpretation of the project
  • Clear and well-defined working process
  • English speaking designer

The indicative budget for both jobs is € 13,000 excluding VAT. Other amounts can be considered.

  • €4,000 for the graphic identity
  • €9,000 for the website.

The deadline to apply is the 13th of November 2022 at 23:59 CET.

Please send your proposal to Stephanos Cherouvis at the following email: scherouvis@ecsite.eu

For more information please refer to the brief attached below.



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