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Revolutionising Interactive Spaces at JAPI Museum


YIPP, a trailblazer in the realm of interactive installations and games, continues to redefine the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. Specialising in creating engaging experiences for museums, science centres, and unique venues, YIPP integrates cutting-edge technologies to tell compelling stories and foster hands-on learning. Their diverse portfolio includes collaborations with prestigious institutions such as NEMO, London Science Museum, Artis, CERN, and Naturalis.

"At YIPP, our process is deeply hands-on," explains a Co-Founder Wouter. "We emphasise early prototyping and extensive testing, not just with our clients but also with their visitors. Play is central to our approach – it's through play that learning happens, making discoveries both fun and memorable."

Project Overview

One of YIPP’s most notable recent projects began at Ecsite 2022 in Heilbronn. Fresh from their success with the Partnerzone in Technopolis, YIPP caught the attention of Maribel Ibarra and her team from Sietecolores, who were embarking on an ambitious renewal of the Trompo Mágico Children´s Museum in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. This collaboration blossomed into the creation of four immersive spaces, culminating in the grand reopening of the museum under its new name, JAPI, on June 16, 2024.

Project Objectives

The project’s timing was significant, coinciding with the 201st anniversary of Jalisco’s independence. The immersive spaces were designed to celebrate Jalisco’s natural beauty, rich history, vibrant art, and sports heritage. YIPP and Sietecolores aimed to create an environment where visitors could connect with their heritage through playful discovery.

In the nature-themed space, an immersive cloud forest teems with interactive elements, from identifying plant and animal species to magical hopscotch paths of local flowers that respond to visitors’ movements.

The Sports Arena invites visitors to meet international sports heroes from Jalisco and then transforms into a dynamic training ground where up to 30 participants can hone their skills in soccer, basketball, and boxing.

A virtual boat ride on Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake, offers a historical journey through Jalisco, guided by hosts Abel and Ku, who narrate the state’s evolution from ancient settlements to modern times. Additionally, a 20-meter LED wall dedicated to Wixarika art allows visitors to create and scan their artwork, contributing to a daily collaborative masterpiece.

Innovation and Technology

YIPP’s innovative use of technology played a crucial role in bringing these interactive spaces to life. The project utilised a proprietary tracking system developed in-house, leveraging depth cameras and AI-powered neural networks to track visitors' movements and interactions. This system enabled the creation of immersive environments with responsive and engaging interactions.

For the cloud forest, YIPP integrated an infrared tracking system to detect and differentiate between various objects, such as rocks and logs that alter the flow of a virtual river, and seedpods that visitors use to plant trees, promoting a sense of collective environmental stewardship.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The success of the JAPI museum project was rooted in the collaborative efforts of YIPP and Sietecolores. The vision and trust of Sietecolores' CEO, Maribel Ibarra, were instrumental in bringing the project to fruition. Their project management and engagement with local government and content experts ensured that the museum's renovation resonated with the community and celebrated Jalisco’s heritage.

YIPP’s commitment to blending physical and digital experiences continues to push the boundaries of interactive installations, making learning an adventure and transforming how stories are told in public spaces. The JAPI museum stands as a testament to what can be achieved through creative collaboration and technological innovation.

With thanks from YIPP

A big thank you goes out to the entire Sietecolores team for their hard work and the trust they put in YIPP to design and produce such a big part of the JAPI museum. Credits go out to subcontractor Shosho, who developed the script and produced the voice overs, illustrations and animations of the Lake Chapala experience. Lastly a huge hand to our own team: Michelle, Anouk, Thomas, Thomas, Ted, Max, Joost and Wouter, who worked with tireless spirit and enthusiasm through sometimes challenging conditions to a result we are all very proud of.