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Register now for Pilots / THE Group training course for explainers

The Pilots project fourth training workshop will take place at the DASA, Dortmund, Germany, June 1st – 2nd, before the opening of the Ecsite Annual Conference. This workshop focuses on learning and reflective practice, two aspects which lie at the very heart of the work of explainers and education staff. The topic is explored through a combination of parallel sessions, specifically for junior explainers or senior staff, and some plenary sessions for everybody together focusing on topics of common interest and aiming to share professional development.

The sessions will be examining what quality interaction looks like across various contexts, creating processes for observations and evidence collection, as well as methods for feedback. Research and concrete case studies from museums and science centres will be used as the basis of training and discussion.

In particular, the first day will focus on enquiry as the methodology at the basis of learning experience and education work in science centres and museums. Enquiry-based learning will be analysed through theoretical contributions, workshops and in-depth discussions. The second day will focus more specifically on reflective practice by exploring methodologies and tools through which educators can look into their work in a constructive way. In addition, those sessions reserved to senior staff will be discussing issues more related to their responsibilities as well as the present and future of THE Group itself as a way to improve its action, accessibility and results.

The two-day pre-conference emerges from the work of THE Group (Thematic Human Interface and Explainers group) and Pilots (the two-year European project on professionalisation of the role of explainers in science centres and museums) and also from feedback from previous pre-conference workshops.

We also ask participants to prepare a favourite short demo, part of a science show, hands-on experiment or public engagement activity to demonstrate for the other explainers present on the first evening. Show us what your institution does best!

Registration Fee: 175€ Please note that there will be a limited number of participants.

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